IMS wins a coveted Beacon award from IBM

Primaxis was one of 17 global partners to collect an IBM Beacon award for an Outstanding Collaborative Work Solution for its interpreter management system (IMS).

Primaxis has been an IBM business partner for more than 20 years, focusing on migrations, security and software development.

The IMS system has been built for language service departments to simplify the administration process for hospitals or medical centres when an interpreter is required.

“Statistics currently show that 20 per cent of patients that go to a hospital need an interpreter,” says Primaxis director Karen Hooper. “Some hospitals do more than 100,000 bookings for interpreters in a year, and to manage that process attracts a very big administration overhead.”

IMS improves that administration process to be more streamlined and integrated with a hospital’s patient management system.

Unlike existing patient management systems, IMS is specifically designed for managing all the things they need to work efficiently.

With this award, Primeaxis has been recognised on the world stage for its game-changing technology, now helping healthcare professionals.

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