Importance of an interpreter scheduling software for language service departments

Providing interpreters is an integral service provided by many of the hospitals and medical centres. Interpreter scheduling can be a very dynamic and ever-changing process with thousands of bookings which can, in turn, mean thousands of changes.

Language departments do an amazing job, sometimes managing over 100 different languages. Coordinating this process can be resource intensive and demanding. At times, language service departments have not been equipped with the right tools to manage bookings, predict trends or foresee demands.

Coordinating the booking process is resource intensive and demanding. By equipping Hospital Language Service Department LSD with the right interpreter scheduling software, you will drastically reduce administration time and costs.

Operational benefits of deploying an interpreter scheduling software

Save Cost

• No printing costs – one hospital reported they saved 73,000 sheets of paper per year • Fast efficient streamlined single system • Detailed statistics that assist managing your languages department efficiently • Easy interface to manage making iterations, unmet and rescheduling bookings in a few clicks

Manage People Time and Budget

• Statistics to see closed, unmet, cancelled bookings • Budget staff with real-time statistics • Forecast languages of high or low demand • Create meaningful reports for upper management • Secure interface for all concerned


• IMS a unified interpreter scheduling software provides the overarching functionality with seamless integration from existing hospital systems eg. IPM, Homer, HealthPower • Business processes can run from end-to-end without users having to switch between applications or from online to manual activities

Remove the Bottle Neck

• Give staff the ability to create booking requests • Allow interpreters to self-assign bookings • Batch allocation of bookings • Automatic integration with patient systems reducing data entry errors

One System Fits All

• Great for Interpreters • Allow Managers to manage • Coordinate with ease • Staff can create a request in seconds

Fast and Efficient

• Calendar interface to simplify bookings & manage time • Easily update bookings • Batch requests for sending to agencies in a few clicks • Allocate according to interpreter’s availability


• Mobile friendly • Browser-based • No software installation required • Unlimited users

IMS Interpreter Management System (IMS), is a unified interpreter scheduling software for hospital language department to manage face-to-face interpretation requests IMS will efficiently simplify the complex task of managing interpreters and their availability.     

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