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Intepreter scheduling technology that’s flexible, fast and fully responsive.

Efficient interpreter management and interpreter scheduling is vital in today’s hospitals. IMS has helped hospitals revolutionise how they schedule interpreters – and reduce patient wait times in the process.
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IMS features outstanding booking management tools built for coordinators, easily used by interpreters, and valued by managers.

With IMS, booking requests are easily visible and manageable. View and manage interpreter availability with a drag and drop resource calendar and streamline bookings with a modality matrix that thinks for you.

IMS also makes it easy to combine booking requests, so you can save costs by combining similar jobs to the same interpreter or LSP. Whether your booking requests are for IP, OPI, VRI, internally resourced or externally, your IMS platform will provide the perfect interface to manage them all.

IMS becomes your centralised tool in efficiency. With our secure API technology, booking requests are automatically and securely transferred between IMS and your EMRs.

You not only have a booking system for in-house interpreters – but you can also seamlessly book and see updates of external interpreters from your selected providers without having to log into their portals. This means all bookings are managed and consolidated in one place. IMS provides an LSP-agnostic environment by using APIs to outsource jobs to your LSPs and external providers securely.

IMS lets you organise your booking data in any way that suits you. You can see all historical, current, and future reporting in one dashboard with visual charts in various formats. Reporting is not only easier; it’s powerful. With a drill-down capability, you can also analyse forecasts, trends, costs and export any data in just a few taps.

IMS helps you manage incoming invoices from suppliers to ensure that due diligence is conducted using instant invoice reconciliation – saving hundreds of hours reconciling every year.

You can charge back to various departments or clients as required based upon agreed rates. IMS calculates the amounts to pay interpreters based upon agreed rates.

Incorrect charges can easily be reviewed and amended by the service provider. IMS users have discovered not only cost savings, but also incorrect rates that have gone unnoticed for years. Another benefit is seeing your current spend with service providers at any given time.

IMS is a highly secure platform considering PHI and data usage. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) controls the level of access of different users when accessing IMS.

Ensuring interpreters are compliant can be critical for hospitals. IMS will notify you if an interpreter you select is compliant – that includes Working with Children, NAATI, CCHI, NBCMI or similar industry certification checks.

Other checks specific to your organisation, such as COVID vaccinations, can be added to ensure compliance is always up to date. You also can block interpreters from working with specific patients or clinics.

Save hours when trying to find an interpreter for a job. IMS allows you to broadcast groups of interpreters in the most efficient way to secure the right resource for a booking request using SMS, text, or link. Interpreters can automatically self-allocate – and help you faster.

Studies have shown that when a suitable interpreter is provided, the length of stay can be reduced and typically, readmissions are less. IMS is designed to help you improve the quality of patient care, empowering your hospital to schedule interpreters for your patients’ benefit better.

The single touch booking automation with LSPs adds incredible value. It enables bookings to be processed 24/7 and saves your department time.

IMS is platform-agnostic, designed to run on-premise, Cloud SaaS or via a Private Cloud.

Interpreters benefit from a mobile app that manages their bookings, uploads sign-off sheets, receipts and more.

Managers of IMS can access the configuration settings area where they can enable and manage various features. That means IMS can be customised to suit your specific requirements without compromising future upgrades.

Helping you use IMS is our passion. We offer unlimited support for unlimited users and unlimited sites. We want you to be empowered to make IMS available without limitations.

We are invested in continuing to improve, develop and enhance IMS. We have a rigorous roadmap to take us into the future, and we continue to work with our valued clients to know, hear and understand their pain points.

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Benefits Built In

IMS reduces patient wait times, administration, and costs for hospitals, medical centres, and allied health organisations.
Interpreter scheduling dashboard






How IMS helps everyone.

Group 228
Group 228

Managers can create reports, manage agencies, keep track of efficiency with ease and more.

  • See all calendar bookings at a glance by month, week or day
  • Create reports by language, by Interpreter, and export to Excel
  • Manage interpreter working hours, leave and roles
  • Manage agencies, clinic lists and requesters
Group 229
Group 229

IMS gives coordinators an intuitive interface at their fingertips to manage bookings and interpreters.

  • Request new bookings
  • Allocate bookings to interpreters or agencies
  • Update booking statuses
  • Change interpreter working hours
Group 232
Group 232

With IMS, interpreters can manage their bookings and easily see where they are needed next.

  • See all calendar bookings at a glance by month, week or day
  • View all allocated and incomplete bookings
  • Self-allocate bookings
  • Complete post booking details
Group 230
Group 230

Anyone working in a hospital or medical centre can request the services of an interpreter with just a few taps.

  • Self-register easily
  • Request new bookings
  • Request cancellations
  • See all upcoming bookings

Beyond healthcare

IMS works wherever interpreters are needed in a range of industries.

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interpreter management and interpreter scheduling system Language service provider

IMS has revolutionalised the interpreter scheduling process
for Language Service Providers (LSPs). As a purpose-built
booking management system, IMS can bring the vital services of interpreters to wherever they need to be.

businesswoman busy working at her office P3RH392
interpreter management and interpreter scheduling system corporate

With IMS, corporate clients can ensure interpreters are
with you when needed. IMS streamlines management from
requesting an interpreter to managing and coordinating
people for maximum efficiency.

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