Webinar: How to Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency while Excelling in Language Services Patient Care

A special thanks to our fabulous speakers, Berta Bejarano from Kaiser Permanente in California, and Yue Hu from Northern Health in Australia.

There were some great take aways from this webinar. Berta really emphasised the importance of “flow”.  She spoke about the need to ensure that technology for the hospital, staff and patients is seamless, easy to use and supported.  She mentioned that physicians and providers may have a hesitation to use technology but when you have a speedy, efficient connection with VRI for example and a seasoned interpreter the experience for the physician and patient is incredibly positive. Berta also spoke about the digital divide and how they are addressing this issue. Yue spoke of the importance of embedding the interpreter services into the clinical process. Via education and training they emphasise that interpreter services is part of the whole process like when we bake a cake, it needs to be one of the ingredients used, not just the cherry on top. Yue also challenged us to not think in terms of reducing the costs of interpreter services but rather increase the costs as using interpreters and translating services leads to reduced length of stays, less readmissions, more trust from the patients and better health outcomes overall. 

There was a great chat about AI and the next generations ease of use with technology. Also, to investigate where technology can bring efficiencies. 

Lastly it was fabulous to see that even though both speakers were from two different countries they both faced the same challenges.  It just goes to show that we are all in this together and there is such value in learning from each other. 



Thank you for watching and stay tuned for our next webinar.  

Topics Covered 

  1. Reduce costs while ensuring an exceptional level of service
  2. Ways to improve efficiencies
  3. Innovative processes that make a difference
  4. How technology plays a part in reducing costs and improving efficiencies
  5. What not to do!


Again, a huge thank you to our speakers. We have provided below some further information for your reference.





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        Berta Alicia Bejarano

Kaiser Permanente Practice Leader Language Services Access & Equity for Northern California  

                     YUE HU

Director of Transcultural & Language Service and Narrun Wilip-giin Aboriginal Support Unit at Northern Health  

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