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Our roadmap is forever growing and new features are being added consistently. In this section we will give updates on the latest new features.

Mobile App

IMS has just released its first mobile application for interpreters. Interpreters can use the new IMS app to view their upcoming bookings, accept jobs, and complete assignments. This app is now available on both iOS and Android.

Broadcast Update

We have enhanced our SMS Broadcasting capability to include the option of broadcasting bookings to interpreters that you specifically choose, rather than relying on the current predetermined pool allocation. Our interpreter selection screen now allows you to filter interpreters based on their expertise, gender, distance, and preferred delivery method. Once selected, interpreters will receive an SMS link to the booking, which they can easily accept.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that we now offer SMS reminders to patients as part of our services.


The team at Primaxis has been working very hard on obtaining SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA certification. It’s a significant commitment, but we consider security to be paramount, so we view it as a worthwhile and necessary investment. We’ve implemented a platform that continuously monitors over 100 internal security controls throughout the organization, adhering to the highest standards. With automated alerts and evidence collection, Primaxis can confidently demonstrate its security and compliance posture 365 days a year. This approach fosters a security-first mindset and a culture of compliance across the entire organization.

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AALC (Australasian Association of Language Companies) & Nimdzi

During the recent AALC (Australasian Association of Language Companies) event at RMIT University, the Nimdzi Insights team comprising Josef Kubovský, Renato Beninatto, and Hannah Leske, delved into the relationship between technology and the language services sector.

Renato emphasized the continuous cycle of technological advancements that consistently open doors for growth in the language industry, even though people might worry initially. Do you remember when people were unsure about Neural Machine Translation or translation memory? Nowadays, we smoothly incorporate these once-feared technologies into our work processes, improving them rather than replacing them.

In the present context, we have a fresh technology known as Generative AI, often referred to as ChatGPT. Renato noticed that its adoption is happening rapidly – possibly quicker than any other tech changes we’ve witnessed before. However, he also pointed out that the way regular people and industry experts accept it can be quite different.

The central idea was crystal clear: Fear often arises from lack of knowledge. As we gain a better understanding of these tools and their functionalities, we become more comfortable with what they can achieve and what their limitations are. This understanding empowers us to utilize their capabilities to advance the industry, instead of perceiving them as threats.

Children’s of Atlanta Virtual Symposium October 7, (10 am – 5pm) ET

IMS is proudly sponsoring the Children’s of Atlanta Virtual Symposium being held on October 7, 2023. This virtual event offers an important learning opportunity to an audience of interpreters from all over the US and provides a forum for new and well-established professionals in the field to review and discuss practical issues, complex current topics we should address and perspective for the future of our profession. This symposium seeks to facilitate a dynamic learning, and strives to offer engaging sessions in which diverse presenters can motivate and inspire attendees.

ATA64 Annual Conference October 25-28

IMS is proud to be a sponsor of the American Translators Association is holding their 64th Annual Conference in Miami on October 25-28. the ATA Annual Conference serves as a hub for language professionals to engage, learn, and collaborate, ultimately contributing to the growth and advancement of the language services industry. It provides a valuable platform for staying updated on industry trends, networking, and gaining insights from experts in the field.

IMS will be showcasing its Interpreter Management System at the Exhibition and Vendor Hall. We would love to see you at our booth! Get in touch with Steve Hooper and Miguel Jordan to arrange a time to discuss a learn more about your language operations and how IMS could meet your organization’s needs.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

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FIFA Women’s World Cup hosted in Australia & New Zealand has showcased the authentic Australian essence of warmth and inclusiveness. Supporters from all corners of the globe have united, fostering an atmosphere that transcends geographical and linguistic boundaries.

But the Women’s World Cup means more than just the games. It tells a strong message to young girls and boys, encouraging them to dream big and go after what they love with confidence. It shines a light on the importance of fairness in sports and shows how much talent there is in women’s football.

We’re super proud that our Aintrussie creation, the IMS Interpreter Management System, is one of the tools that helps FIFA make these global events a success.


We love working with the FIFA interpretation unit led by Estelle Valensuela. Kudos to them for helping everyone to be understood.


Invoice Reconciliation

With our latest update, Invoice Reconciliation now seamlessly closes out jobs when the invoice amount from the LSP Agency matches the calculated amount in IMS. Get ready for an even smoother experience!


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